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The potential growth and scale that ecommerce enables is undeniable. However, in order to turn this potential into reality, businesses need to have the right marketing strategies targeted at the right people. To do this, it is important to have a strong understanding of the marketing funnel.

Knowing where the customers you are trying to target are in the funnel is key to running a successful marketing campaign and reaching your goals. If you're trying to get an action from someone that is not yet aware of your brand, it is unlikely you'll get a successful result. Before purchasing (action), customers must have awareness and interest in your brand and the opportunity to make a decision. Here are some helpful questions to consider when creating your marketing campaigns:

Do I have a defined audience? If the answer to this is no, you should think about what you are trying to accomplish with your marketing campaign. If it is customers in the top of the funnel or not yet in the funnel, you'll likely want to define an audience of people with interests similar to your brand. You could also create a lookalike audience made up of people similar to your customers. Conversely, if your target audience is toward the bottom of the funnel you would want to run a completely different campaign. For example, you may want to target audiences toward to bottom of the funnel with retargeting ads in order to nudge them to purchase. Defining your audience and knowing their place in the funnel are key to a successful marketing campaign.

Does the target audience know our brand? If the answer to this is no, do not waste your time trying to get people who have never heard of your brand to purchase. Your goal for these should be to enter the consideration set of potential customer's minds and bring them into the awareness/interest areas of the funnel. It is important to know and define who your target audience is before launching a campaign.
Is my store getting a lot of traffic but not a lot of sales? If the answer to this is yes, you will want to focus on campaigns that target current customers with tactics that will nudge them toward conversion. Your goal for these campaigns should be an action (bottom of the funnel), which in most cases would be to make a purchase.
Is my returning customer rate low? If the answer to this is yes, you need to come up with a strategy that is going to keep your customers engaged with your brand. Given they have previously purchased from you, these customers are already in the interest part of the funnel. A good strategy here will continue to keep a relationship between your brand and each customer while nudging them to make decisions and take actions.

Marketing needs are specific to each business' situation. Running the wrong marketing campaign for the type of customer you are trying to target is going to end up unsuccessful.
At HaxTech, we help you to develop the right marketing campaigns targeted at the right people. To get a conversation started on your digital marketing campaign, reach out to us today!


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